How to Begin Developing and Deepening Your Intuition.

Most everyone has experienced that gut ‘knowing’ that something feels kind of ‘off’. Maybe there’s no logical reason to feel this way. Maybe, in fact, everything appears to be fine. But still, there is that knowing in ‘gut’ that makes you wonder. Some call it a hunch. some even call it Female Intuition. Maybe there’s more than one reason to associate these feelings with ‘female’.

Did you know that in metaphysical circles, the lower gut is associated with the heart of the Divine Mother/Feminie energies/Gaia? In chakra terms…it’s the lower 3rd chakra, upper 2nd chakra. And if we really tune in to the sensations there, we can open to our deepest intuition.
Clairsentience (clair-clear sentience-feeling) is a gift we all possess. We may have forgotten about it temporarily, but it’s easier than you might think, to remember. Clairsentience is one of the three types of intuition including clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing). In the past, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience have been hailed as the two most prized types of intuition and have been regarded as special ‘gifts’

But the field of metaphysics has evolved. It is now accepted that we are all Clairsentient. And Clairsentience is the basis of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

Feeling the sensations in our body is the key that unlocks the deeper gifts.
Sensations and Intuition are intimately connected.

Imagine an Iceberg as a Metaphor. The top of the iceberg represents our conscious mind; all that we are aware of.
The waterline between the top and lower part of the iceberg, is our Imagination.

The lower part of the iceberg, the part under the waterline, represents our unconscious imagination.

Clairsentient ‘knowing’ arises from deep down in the lower part of the iceberg.

If you’d like to develop your Intuition, here’s a great starting practice.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor to connect and ground with Mother Earth. And relax. Just notice your breath as it comes in and goes out for a little bit.

Now, remember a time when something didn’t ‘feel right’. You may have felt puzzled or upset When you’ve remembered that time, go ahead and relax down into where in your body, if you could imagine a place between your throat and lowest part of your spine, where you imagine the ‘doesn’t feel right’ is located. Just let your imagination take over and draw you to that place. This is going to be the right place. It always is.

Now just allow your attention to focus on the sensations in that place…they may be very subtle. If they had a quality, would you imagine the sensations to be moving or still, sharp or dull, heavy or light, etc. Just allow your attention to go there and check-in with the sensations.

This is similar to when a man asks a woman…’tell me more about what’s going on with you?’

In the same way, your Mind (the masculine) is enquiring of the Sensations (the feminine)…and really desiring to know.

It’s fun to just relax and let the Imagination free flow and bring forward more unconscious wisdom and intuition via the sensations.

Because it hasn’t been habitual for many of us to tune into body sensations…the above practice may be different for you.

I’ve noticed that , when coached through this practice for the first time, most everyone can open their Imagination and ‘tune in’.
The next step will be to allow the intuitive knowing about why something didnt feel right, to bubble up from way underneath the iceberg.

One this knowing comes to consciousness, it’s a lightbulb moment. Dots get connected. It all starts to make sense’. You’re going to love that lightbulb moment!

One has to experience this to know how it feels. The above will get you started.

Let me know how you do with this practice or if you have any questions. Once you notice the quality of the sensations, you’ll want to learn how to open to the deep intuition…where so much wonderful wisdom resides.

What a loving way this is to be with ourselves!! And how exciting!

I’m really wanting to know how the above goes for you and if you have questions or would like to take the next steps. Please email me at: and let me know what happens!! And if you’d like to be coached through this, I’d be happy to do that at no charge.

I really love coaching and experiencing your lightbulb moments!Image


What is The Field?

The Field…is you.  The Field is Me.  And the Field encompasses everything.  If you’d like to experience the Field for yourself, try this:


Sit in a comfortable chair with feet on the floor.

Close your eyes.


Squeeze your toes…tighter..tigher..and release them. Feel the sensations. Are they moving or still  Sharp or dull?  Warm or cool?  What is the energy there?


Take a breath in and draw this energy up the ankles, calves, knees..under the knees…thighs.  Now go ahead and clench your buttock muscles…clench…tighter, and let go.


Dropping down into your first chakra..feel the energy there.  Notice the sensations.  Moving or Still?  Warm or cool?  Sharp or dull?  Heavy or Light?  What do you notice here?

As though you are opening the aperture to a camera lens…just open it wider…and wider to take in everything around you…and beyond that..and beyond that.


And from this position…this Field Position…know that this is the most resourceful place one can be!  No longer entangled or emeshed with maya the dream out there…you are both a part of and observer of this Field.


You can say in your mind’s voice “I am the container of all that I experience. I have a Mind.  I embody a heart and a Will/Desire.  I am Etheric Body..the container of all that I experience.


Enjoy The Field!

Where Does It Hurt?

Alopathic doctors will often ask that question.  Once noted,  they will run a few tests, make a diagnosis, and offer treatment options.  If there is pain associated with the condition, you might be offered  medication to numb it.

We have been pleasure seekers, going to great lengths to avoid both physical and emotional pain.  I have operated in that mode as far back as I can remember.

It was just a never ending-cycle of dodging anything that could possibly provoke an anxiety attack or trigger low lying depression.  I fell to what seemed like the bottom of the well one day…and had no where to turn.  Traditional psychotherapy did nothing.  Drugs helped me to function…but…I still felt I needed to avoid anything that might trigger an episode. I lived in constant vigilance and whenever possible went into heavy-duty control and manipulation of my environment so that nothing might disturb the tenuous hold I had on serenity.  I ate a lot too and I doubled my weight.  My pain body was showing.

Thankfully, I came across Process Coaching.  My first session, was brief.  I spend 15 minutes with one of the coaches…and felt so good!  Plus, I knew how to replicate the good feelings by using a simple Judgment Release process.  At the beginning of the session, Betty asked me to remember a not-so-great feeling I’d had in the recent past.  This was pretty easy.  I picked one.  Then she asked me to imagine that this feeling was located somewhere in my body, from the neck down.  She guided me to find where that might be.  Once I located the spot, I was guided by her to notice….the sensations of the feeling.  She gently explained that the ‘story’ or the circumstances that caused the feeling could just be set aside for the moment…and to focus on the energy of the feeling.

Something magical happened.  A pause button was gently pressed down…on the thoughts in my mind.  I went to the feelings and noticed them for the first time in my life.  This felt like love to my feelings.  The sensations opened up and bathed in the light of loving acceptance…and there’s no way to explain the relief that poured through me.

Today, I can easily replicate this relief and its always there for me.  I take a deep sigh with so much gratitude for the healing journey I’ve chosen with Process Coaching.

I would love to spend 10 or 15 minutes with you, to share this experience with you.  Lasting peace is possible.  It really is.  You can heal your emotions, and move forward, finding more layers of love than you imagined, underneath the pain.

Where it hurts…wants love…

Oh, in case you were wondering.  The weight I gained, melted off.  Love heals.  It’s the best medicine.

Call me for a free experiential of Process Coaching.




What is Denial?

Pollyanna is the best example of Denial, ever.  Seeing things through rose colored glasses…or pretending everything is great, when it really isn’t.  Repressing feelings…pushing them down only causes the Body to rebel.  Dis ease…discomfort in body.

If we’re tuned in and lined up with our Will..we won’t do anything we don’t want to do.  We won’t say ‘yes’ when we really want to say ‘no’  Saying ‘yes’ when we don’t want to, is a form of denying our own feelings.  Enough of this through a lifetime isn’t particularly healthy.

We are the only ones who can support and love our own Will and Desire.

Let’s start now.

If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it simply because someone else wants you to, or because not doing it will upset someone.  This feels like force.

I know that it seems sometimes like we ‘have to’ do a particular job that we don’t like.  But even this doesn’t need to be true.  It’s more of a belief and self-fulfilling prophesy than ‘truth’.

If you love yourself enough to find what you love and end denial of your Will and feelings…the Universe will open up for you.

It takes some work to ‘bust’ beliefs that deny ourselves…but it can be fun and enlightening.

Next time you find yourself doing something you really don’t want to do.  Check in and find out who is telling you that you need to do it to get along, to survive, to eat, etc.  

We can all dive deeper and love our Will…our Desire.  And we can find the parts of ourselves that prevent desire from manifesting.

No one ‘out there’ is perpetrating on us.  We are projecting from our own beliefs.  When it looks like the world is against you…look inward to find the answers.

Reality is truly subjective.  Things out there that bother us, are gifts from the universe that point back to hurts inside that want love and healing.

There is no magic wand to end denial.  We can move the Body using Upward Energy Flush…and let it go in about a minute.  Body loves this.  It feels great to move with the emotion. It’s cathartic.

Even animals of prey shake after they’ve escaped.  Try it.  It feels so good to let the body release denial energy.  

Then watch your world unfold and your desires manifest!

Law of Attraction and Jodi Arias Trial

This trial interests me not only because of her handwriting, but because Jodi Arias was a believer in ‘The Secret’.

Her handwriting lacks any evidence of emotion.  In fact, just the opposite. There are no loops.  This is a pragmatic, ‘get er done’ kind of person who is a survivor and will do whatever she needs to do to get by.  She will use anything that appears to work.

She was drawn to ‘The Secret’, which she wrote about in her diary.  Think positive thoughts and discard any negative ones.  What happens to the thoughts you don’t want?  Do they really go away?

Jodi Arias shot her boyfriend once, and then stabbed him 27 times with a knife and then slit his throat.

Denying feelings and pretending everything is wonderful simply doesn’t work.

The feelings that are denied are magnetic and create havoc, until they are embraced and healed with love.

How is your life working for you?  



What Do You Want?

Today I want to feel my feelings. Anita Moorjani, in “Dying to Be Me” compared feelings to an inflated beach ball. If you try and push it under the water, it pops right back up. Resources gained, help me embrace them as they’re coming up, which makes me feel better and clears any self-judgments or negative self beliefs that have drawn painful circumstances to trigger me. The triggers are useful to let me know, there is an inflated beach ball I’ve tried to push down.

Why did you make me feel so bad?

It’s called ‘Blame’ and it used to feel somewhat better when I had someone to blame my unhappiness on.  Whether it was a crack in the sidewalk that I tripped over…or a human being….having something or someone to blame really seemed like just what one does.  I was conditioned to do this.  I blamed my kids, my husband, my boss, the government, the Mayor…they all served the purpose.

I didn’t know how to do anything else.   No one taught me that blaming someone else is really blaming myself.  I learned that later.

Everyone out there…even you…are in my movie.  I’m the director, producer, screenwriter, casting director, AND the actors. Everything ‘out there’ is a projection in my movie.  The things that bring joy and the things that bring pain (called Triggers).

Even physics is proving that the electron reacts to our viewing it.  Indeed!  You can check on youtube to find experiments that show what happens when an electron is observed…versus unobserved.  It feels and responds to our expectations.  In ‘Course in Miracles’ it is said “Nothing I see in this room is real”.  Our Universe is subjective.  No two people will observe the same experience the same.  Riding a rollercoaster, one person will be terrified and the other will be happy and loving every second.

So…when I blame someone who has triggered me, what’s happening?

It’s really the way I’ve written it into my movie.  And if I’m awake, I’ll find out what part of me is being reflected in that person in my movie.

Here’s how it works, with a personal example:

My husband used to trigger me when he did the recycling thing with the trash in the kitchen, separating things into different bags.  Usually it was during my quiet time in the living room and I resented it.  I would usually say something like “Can you just wait a bit?”  Of course, he would get triggered then and leave the room in a huff.

Then I felt ashamed for being such a, you know what.

Another wife, I thought, would be grateful for such a husband to do this!  

I felt stuck.  This happened every Sunday evening.  I went around in circles. I even did the trash recycling myself so that he would have nothing to do.  But, he did it anyway, even if there was only a napkin in the trash.

Finally, I had the realization that  was being triggered for a reason.  I needed to know what this was all about.  I used some Process Coaching tools to go down deep.

What I found was a little child part of me that was feeling guilty and ashamed of what her mother called ‘lazy’.  Some dots got connected.  I realized that when my husband cleaned, that some guilt came up for me that I should have done this myself, but had been too lazy.

I had been in the courtroom and was about to go to jail!

I had put this in my movie to bring healing to that dear little Linda who felt lazy.  I had projected the blame onto my husband because it had been too difficult to feel the feelings of being bad or wrong.

To this day, my husband does the recycling of the garbage in the kitchen and I don’t even hear it.

See how this works?  It’s very empowering to heal oneself.

More love.  More self-love and ahhhhh, it feels so good.

More self-love means more incoming love from people, places and things in my movie.

I highly recommend Process Coaching.